Saturday, 7 March 2015

SOTA - Cleeve Hill - G/CE-001

VK1NAM and several other VKs had expressed their intention, on the SOTA reflector, to activate VK summits over their SOTA Party Weekend with the intention of hopefully picking up some European S2S contacts.

With that knowledge, and the fact that propagation favoured a fairly narrow window of between 0700-0800z, I made my way to Cleeve Hill to see what was on offer.

In the end, not an awful lot!
I really wasn't hearing any DX and all the VK activity was on SSB anyway.

Regardless, it got me up on the hills on a nice morning before going to work, managing  34 QSOs, three of which were with M1BUU/p on G/NP-009, M1EYP/p on G/SP-015 and OK2BDF on OK/JM-004.
Maybe the VKs will appear next time.

QSO Map from Log2Map by ON6ZQ

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