Wednesday, 18 March 2015

SOTA - Big Collin - GI/AH-008

Big Collin - 353m, 1 point

Association: Northern Ireland Region: Antrim Hills
Latitude: 54 48 7 N, Longitude: 6 5 6 W
Grid Reference: J 232966, QTH Locator: IO64WT

Big Colin is another old stamping ground for me. Many years ago we used to fly model gliders from here, it being a popular slope soaring site. The last time I was here was in 1979. Needless to say it's changed a bit. My regular ascent route is from a small carpark on Collin Road. Attempts to reach this were however scuppered as Collin Road was closed for resurfacing. I ended up finding a space to park next to a farm on Tildarg Road, very close to the wind farm.

The route through the wind farm.
 This proved to be a good spot, although a longer walk in than from the northern car park. Round trip was 3.2 miles with approx only 400' of ascent.

The wind farm was totally new to me. It wasn't here in the 70s! It amused me to see the speed limit of 19mph. EU bureaucracy gone mad...

 Wolf Bog - 19mph!
It was an easy walk on the surfaced track up to the highest turbine, then it was a short dart across open boggy land to the elevated summit mound. This has a slight depression which makes for a nice place to sit. 

Summit in the distance to the right of the far right turbine

The unmistakable "Slemish" GI/AH-007 in the distance

Summit, possibly a burial chamber?

The shack looking south.

Sunset on the descent

Conditions again were far better than I ever dreamed. 44 QSOs with 2 Stateside callers in the shape of W0RW and once again N4EX. Two spanish S2S rounded off the day with EA2BD/p on EA/NV-089 and EA2CW/p on EA/BI-076.

The temperature dropped quickly as the sun set behind the wind turbines, so it was a quick descent and then back home for some dinner. 
A great days activating and as usual wall to wall Ulster sunshine.

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  1. HI Pete

    I think the NI Highway Authority should have gone to road sign mileages in Kms years ago...

    After reading your blog I hope I can get there someday. I also saw the BBC Documentaries via iPlayer, I liked the presenter and the programmes. Nick G4OOE and 2E0NON are going across in September for SOTA.

    73 Phil G4OBK