Friday, 31 August 2012

Elecraft KX3

I've been patiently waiting for many weeks for the arrival of my KX3.
I decided to treat myself to one of these great QRP rigs and have been patiently waiting in a long list of back orders for mine to arrive.

It's arrived!
I noticed on the on-line tracking page that it had finally arrived at our local depot, so I quickly jumped in the car and drove over to pick it up. I knew that, had a left it, it would be at least another 4 or 5 days before it was delivered.
The first thing I noticed was how small the box was that it arrived in, and on opening, how tiny the actual rig is. I knew it was small, but until you actually handle it you don't realize just how compact it is!

Obviously no time was lost in checking the inventory and getting on with the assembly.

Assembly was very straight forward and within 3 hours it was up and running on the bench and making it's first contacts.
It looks like it's going to be a great rig, I just need to take some time to work out all the features and how to use them! Looking forward to some fun!
Unpacking the parts.

Working on the front panel

The processor board installed

Alongside the ATS4 and MTR

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

SOTA - Worcestershire Beacon - G/WB-009

Worcestershire Beacon - 425m, 1 point

Association: England  Region: Welsh Borders  
Latitude: 52 6 16 N, Longitude: 2 20 24 W
Grid Reference: SO 768452, QTH Locator: IO82TC

Another reasonable forecast, so out with the bike again, this time headed for Worcestershire Beacon.
This summit has a good path all the way to the top. It's seriuosly steep at the top, but ride-able if you take your time.
The day started of overcast and cool, but as the day wore on the sun broke through with nice sunny periods.
Alas, this was not to last. Half way through the activation large squally, thundery clouds rolled in and I took a severe soaking!  Still I managed 27 QSOs and 10 DXCC. 

After packing away it was a cold decent until I managed to warm up again in a bus shelter.  This was just a time wasting exercise anyway as I'd arranged to meet friends at a local pub to sample their fine Ales before heading home.
The summit

Another 30 miles home!

Riding home after the pub.
  Leaving the pub well after dark and 20 miles to ride home made for a good day out.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

SOTA -Ruardean Hill - G/WB-021

Ruardean Hill - 290m, 1 point

Association: England  Region: Welsh Borders  
Latitude: 51 50 58 N, Longitude: 2 31 52 W
Grid Reference: SO 634169, QTH Locator: IO81RU

With a weather forecast for a fine sunny day, something very rare this summer, I decided to combine my biking hobby with a bit of SOTA.

Ruardean Hill is a "drive on" summit so ideally suited to arrive on bicycle. It's a nice 30 mile ride there via the country lanes, so I turned this into a 60 mile day out on the road.

The workhorse.
I have a 5 Metre  travel pole which is eay to carry on the bike. This alongside my MTR made up the equipment required for the day.

It turned out to be an excellent hot and sunny day and the operating shack at Ruardean Hill was top notch, with a bench to sit on!

 A nice pleasant activation with 21 QSOs and 11 DXCC.
Pan Tod Beacon

The Route

On the summit

The Rig - MTR and EFHW

Miners Memorial