Tuesday, 17 February 2015

SOTA - GW/SW-041 - Black Mountain

Black Mountain - 703m, 6 points
Association: Wales Region: South Wales
Latitude: 52 0 30 N, Longitude: 3 5 12 W
Grid Reference: SO 255350, QTH Locator: IO82KA

Leaving the house at 07:15, I planned to be on the summit by approx 10:30. Unfortunately it soon became clear that wasn't going to happen. It took me over an hour to travel the 2 miles form my house to the A40 because of a vehicle accident somewhere on the M5! Even then the traffic towards Gloucester was just crawling along and I was already way behind schedule..

It ended with me setting off from the southern Carpark on the Gospel Pass at 10:15, somewhat behind schedule. A pleasant walk in the sunshine over the solid frozen ground. temperatures were well below zero.

Setting up on the English side of the border, I went about working 14Mhz for a great run of 37 QSOs including a S2S with HB9CBR/p on HB/BE-151. Whilst having a quick break to warm up and change band, the 2metre handheld burst into life, with Viki, MW6BWA/p calling CQ from GW/SW-009. I was pleased to make the contact for a S2S and after trying and failing to reach her on 70cms, I was lucky to also pick up Alan, GW4VPX/p on GW/SW-003 for a third S2S. For Alan's contact I crossed over into Wales to make it a GW - GW S2S!

Back in England it was getting very cold and the clouds were now rolling in.
A brief period on 7Mhz netted an further 16 contacts including a fourth S2S with Peter, GW3TJE/p on GW/SW-015.

With time ticking on and another summit planned, I gave up on 10Mhz and packed up and returned to the car.

A busy summit with many walkers out during the half term holidays.
Total QSOs = 55 
S2S = 4
4.8 miles and 827' ascent.

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