Saturday, 25 April 2015

SOTA/QRPTTF - Cleeve Hill - G/CE-001

Cleeve Hill - 330m, 1 point

Association: England Region: Central England
Latitude: 51 55 11 N, Longitude: 2 0 21 W
Grid Reference: SO 996245, QTH Locator: IO81XW

The idea of today's outing was to make some stateside contacts for  QRP to the Field
It turned out to be quite a nice afternoon, but HF condx were very marginal.
I spent most of my time playing with various antenna configurations (all EFHW) rather than doing very much serious chasing or activating!

After a quick run on 20 metres I decided to play on 17 metres with a new EFHW tuner I have just built.
I'd brought along my antenna analyser so that I could do some wire trimming etc.
After I set it up with the analyser I proceeded to call CQ on an eerily quiet band for over 10 minutes without a bite!
Even RBNGate didn't pick me up. I eventually self spotted and still nothing.
To my horror I realised that the feeder was still connected to the analyser and not to my rig!
Plugging it back in made the band decidedly noisier, and a few contacts were made.

I did eventually manage to hook up with Barry, N1EU on W2/GC-026 for a genuine QRPTTF contact.

On top of that, SOTA S2S were made with YU1WC/p on YU/CS-046 and S57X/p on S5/TK-022

Anyway it was fun, dry and pleasantly warm out of the fresh breeze, on my 23rd activation of Cleeve Hill!

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