Monday, 29 December 2014

SOTA - Brown Clee Hill - G/WB-002

Brown Clee Hill - 540m, 2 points

Association: England Region: Welsh Borders
Latitude: 52 28 36 N, Longitude: 2 35 58 W
Grid Reference: SO 593867, QTH Locator: IO82QL

With the winter bonus in full swing, and so far not scoring any points, I decided a quick run out to the Clee Hills was the order of the day.
A bright, cold, crisp morning when the sun came up, and as I got closer to the Clee Hills I could see the tops coated in white. All was well until I turned off the main road onto the narrow untreated country lanes. These were slippery under  several inches of snow. I slithered my way slowly to the start of Brown Clee, booted up, warm clothes on and started the climb on the snowy track.

It was an absolutely beautiful day, and as we ascended the snow got thicker and thicker. There were quite a few people at the summit as I arrived, but having spotted an ideal concrete post close by, I went over to use this  as my pole mount.

 Plenty of chasers around and contacts came thick and fast. I just worked the 3 bands as I wanted to make the most of the day and move onto nearby Titterstone Clee.

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