Wednesday, 24 October 2012

SOTA - Beacon Batch - G/SC-003

Beacon Batch - 325m, 1 point

Association: England  Region: South Central  
Latitude: 51 18 41 N, Longitude: 2 44 30 W
Grid Reference: ST 484572, QTH Locator: IO81PH

The good thing about Beacon Batch is, that like Dundry Down, it's only a few miles from Bristol International Airport. As I was dropping my daughter off for a flight, I made the most of the afternoon and proceeded a few miles further south to the parking area at ST489581.
Trig Point

The car park was in mist and cloud and nothing much changed as I ascended the hill. There's a fairly obvious track to the summit and even with low visibility it was easy to navigate.

Just off to one side of the trig point there was a convenient tree growing out of a small mound. This made an excellent pole support and operator chair. there were no other obvious antenna supports other that the trig point itself.

The path to the summit.

The Shack

I quickly set up and was soon on the air and quickly racked up 60 QSOs and 19 DXCC.

I'm sure the views from the top would have been nice, but today there was nothing to be seen in the thick mist. Maybe next time!

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