Friday, 26 October 2012

Mountain Hunter Gold

I've been chasing after the Elusive Mountain Hunter award for many weeks now.
To Qualify  for Gold, I need to contact  at least 2 different summits in each of 15 associations. I have had 15 associations  worked for some time however, the sting in the tail is that at least one association claimed is on a different continent from the claimant's normal residence. I've been stuck for many months with only 1 USA summit worked, but when I saw an alert for Barry, N1EU, activating today I thought I'd take to the hills for a better chance of working him.

And so it was, right on schedule he showed up, we made an easy summit to summit contact, I got my two contacts with the  W2 association and immediately qualified for the Gold Award.
Next step is the Platinum which means working yet another continent which is harder again!

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