Wednesday, 9 May 2012

MTR by Steve Webber KD1JV

Steve Webber has produced a new transceiver, this time a dual band TRX covering anywhere from 80 metres through to 20.
He has named it the Mountain Topper Radio (MTR) and it is primarily designed for low weight hiking, back packing and SOTA type activities.
MTR Kit of parts.
It's very similar architecture to the ATS4, but uses a different processor and lower speed DDS.
I managed to get my hands on one before they all sold out (on day of release) and it arrived on April 21st.

I had to put the build on hold for a while until I had some free time to set aside for the construction.
Altoids tin bashing.
 I started metal bashing the Altoids tin on the 7th May, making sure all the hardware fitted before starting construction of the electronics.

Over the next 2 nights I mounted all the componets. I opted to hand solder, like I had done with my ATS4. I built for 40/20 metres.
I completed one side of the board in one sitting, and the next evening completed the opposite side.

So on the evening of 9th May, a quick test and basic alignment ensued followed by a quick lash up on the bench to an antenna to see if it works.
First QSO.
A call on 40 Metres netted an Italian station who gave me a resounding 599 Report. Moving to 20 Metres, my call was once again answered by an Italian Station, this time with a 559 report . All that is required now is to box it up properly, complete proper alignment  and then take it out on field trials to give it a good workout.

Side by side. ATS4 and MTR

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