Saturday, 5 May 2012

International SOTA Weekend - 5th/6th May 2012

Well it's my first year as a SOTAer so thought I'd better get out and do something rather than just chasing. Yesterday evening 20 metres was open late on into the States, so I decided that I'd make an assault on my local hill and maybe find some Stateside S2S. (G/CE-001)

I was QRV by 16:15z and started the batting on 15m. Third call in the log was Rich, N4EX, followed by N1EU, so at least we were making the trip. This was good news for me as only yesterday I realised that my ATS4 was completely deaf on 15m. I had the top off to do some drastic realignment last night so I was pleased to make 5 debut 15M contacts.

After that it was 23 QSOs on 20m, 14 on 30m and 11 on 40m.

Back on 20metres again after 2100L netted VE2 but no sign of any Stateside S2S.

By 2200 it was cold,dark and my fingers frozen so I called it quits and packed up.
Only when I got home and checked SOTAWATCH did I realise that W7CNL had been calling me. The QRM was pretty horrendous, but had I known I would have made more of an effort to pull him out.
Still a nice evening out.

60 contacts (cw)

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