Thursday, 16 February 2012

SOTA Activation Cleeve Hill, G/CE-001

Cleeve Hill - 330m, 1 point

Association: England  Region: Central England  
Latitude: 51 55 11 N, Longitude: 2 0 20 W
Grid Reference: SO 996245, QTH Locator: IO81XW

Well, I couldn't keep the ATS4 locked in the house any longer, so armed with a bag full of "bits" I headed for my local hill for my first ever SOTA activation.

As can be expected things didn't all run exactly to plan.
I got myself in a bit of a tangle trying to erect my 62' wire for my 40m End Fed Half Wave antenna. Of course I then discovered that the velcro straps that I had with me were not long enough to go a round the convenient fence posts to hold the 8m roach pole!
I did eventually mange to get it sorted out.

My next discovery once I had setup was that I'd left my mobile at home so I couldn't self spot.

Never the less, I persevered with calling CQ SOTA and was soon knee deep in a pile up on 20metres.

The contacts came thick and fast, and I worked 14 stations before calling it quits and QSYing to 40metres.
Here again after being spotted the contacts came quick and fast and after a further 22 contacts I was cold and satisfied enough to call it quits.

In summary then all went surprisingly well.
The main problems were:
  • leaving my mobile at home so I couldn't self spot.
  • leaving my gloves at home because I thought it was a warm day (frozen hands).
  • Not having long enough velcro straps to go round the convenient fence posts.
  • Not taking any food or drink.

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