Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Windows (7) Desktop Embellishments!

With a few idle minutes to hand, I've been sorting out my Windows 7 Desktop.
As an ex sparky, I like to have a ships clock on view denoting the quarter hour SPs!
(It's a good excuse for a brew up).
I've always used the Windows Clock Gadget on the Desktop, and it struck me that I may be able to modify this with different clock faces.

After a bit of fiddling around I've now created a couple of new clocks; a ship's clock and a SOTA clock.

I've created a gadget file to install these on a Windows 7 desktop.
It contains the 4 clock faces above.

If anyone is interested the file can be downloaded here.
Download the file from the above link.
The file is called Radio Clocks.gadget
To download from the link above select the "download icon"

Double click the file to run.
You will be asked whether you would like to install this file.
Answer yes.
This will create a clock on your desktop.
To modify, hover over the clock and click the "wrench" icon.
From here you can select 1 of the 4 clock faces, add a second hand, set the timezone and name the clock.

If you wish to add further clocks, right click on your desktop and select "gadgets"
This will launch the gadgets toolbox:

Double clicking the Radio Clock icon will install another clock instance.
Please note, this has only been checked on Windows 7.
For Windows 10 you need to install a third party installer.
Details here.

The file has been virus and malware checked.
It uses the original code with only cosmetic changes to the clock faces.

I'm currently looking at creating a similar Android app.

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