Tuesday, 11 August 2015

SOTA - Ysgyryd Fawr - GW/SW-016

 Ysgyryd Fawr - 486m, 1 point
Association: Wales  Region: South Wales
Latitude: 51 51 29 N, Longitude: 2 58 22 W
Grid Reference: SO 331182, QTH Locator: IO81MU

Next summit of the day was Ysgyryd Fawr. What a difference a few miles makes. I was lucky to find a parking space as all the spaces were full and parked cars lined the road. Luckily, just as I arrived a car departed and I quickly took the vacant spot.

It had really warmed up now and it was a sweaty hike to the summit. There was a steady stream of people hiking in both directions. It really is a very popular spot this one!

It took 35 minutes to ascend the 1000' over 1.5miles to reach the top.

Hot and sweaty
At the summit it was much too busy to activate right next to the trig point so I dropped down a bit onto the eastern flank and set up shop.

Busy summit

Operating position

Boots off, I settled down and called CQ on 7Mhz.
After a manic few minutes it all dried up so I went searching for any S2Ss.
This netted GM0BPU/p on GM/SI-184.
QSYing to 20 metres pulled in 20 more contacts in as many minutes including a further S2S with HB9BHW/p on HB/SH-002.
A brief outing on 30 and 17 metres brought things to a close, as I finished off my lunch and packed up.

All this took place whilst battling off a swarm of flying ants. Luckily I had my mosquito head net with me to give some respite!



Packing up, I now joined the crowds to descend to the busy car park below and make my way the few miles to the start of GW/SW-020, Graig Syfyrddin.

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