Wednesday, 28 August 2013

SOTA - Bardon Hill - G/CE-004

Bardon Hill - 278m, 1 point

Association: England  Region: Central England  
Latitude: 52 42 52 N, Longitude: 1 19 14 W
Grid Reference: SK 459131, QTH Locator: IO92IR

At my planed, and recommended parking spot for Bardon Hill, I took a wrong turn which actually brought me to a much more convenient parking spot in Dauphine Close, right at the start of the trail. From here the track is easy to follow, up through the woods, right just after a big yellow boulder, and then upwards towards the summit which can be seen on its promontory above the tree line. Once again I was totally on my own  and had the place to myself. I tied off the pole to the trig point but could have just as easily used the chain link fence which separates the summit from the deep quarry workings. The views, to say the least,  are uninspiring, with views across the quarry workings being a blot on the landscape.The sun however came out and it was quite a nice warm early afternoon. Again not the best HF conditions and I didn't have much time to play around, but was also happy to bag two S2S contacts with OH6VA/P on OH/SL-001 and DL/HB9BRJ/P on DM/BW-479.
With that it was pack up and off to East Midlands airport about 10 minutes away...

The summit

QRV. New pico paddle doing the business.

A quarry...

Uninspiring views

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