Friday, 12 April 2013

MTR #257

Well I was keen to get this new rig built and on the air, so in one session I completed mounting all the SMDs. The following day I finished off all the through hole components and toroids and was ready for the smoke test! Everything checked out OK and on power up I was pleased that everything seemed to be working.Listening around I heard G3HYO calling CQ so I  gave him a quick call. He came straight back to me and gave me a 599. Pleased with that, I listened around on 30 metres and heard T77C running a pile up. I gave him call and he came straight back and gave me 599. He was giving "real" reports rater than standard 5NN so was again pleased quite chuffed with this. Another hours work and it was all boxed up in it's rather smart little case. I hope to get out on the hills and give it a thorough testing within the next week or so. Another winner form KD1JV.
Ready for first QSO

2 QSOs complete. 599 form G3HYO on 40 and 599 from T77C on 30.
Now boxed and ready to roll
Top view of new enclosure

My KD1JV stable - ATS4b MTR ver1 and ver2

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  1. Looks great, well done, Pete! I have the other two on your bench, but missed out this time :(
    All the best, VK2ONZ (prev M0ONZ and F4VPI)