Thursday, 26 April 2012

SOTA - Divis Mountain - GI/AH-004

Divis - 478m, 2 points

Association: Northern Ireland  Region: Antrim Hills  
Latitude: 54 36 38 N, Longitude: 6 1 10 W
Grid Reference: J 280754, QTH Locator: IO64XO

A visit to Northern Ireland to visit my family meant the possibility of a couple of GI SOTA activations.
On the 26th April after a wild wet morning the sun played tricks with me and popped it's head out enticing a quick afternoon activation of Divis.
My sister drove me to the car park and we togged up and started off for the summit.
Needless to say the sun decided to disappear and was replaced by cold blustery winds laden with moisture.

It was a wild barren walk to the summit, and once there seemed to have problems with 20 metres. I was convinced this was because of interference from the radio towers a few feet away.

I gave up with 20 and launched myself on 40 metres.
This brought a handful of contacts, but they quickly dried up, unlike us who were now huddling under waterproofs to keep dry.
I called it quits with only 10 QSOs and 5 DXCC, but overall a successful activation and there's always the next time!

Belfast Hill's Partnership newsletter article.
The above article featured in the Belfast Hill's Partnership Newsletter some weeks later. The fact that my sister works there may have had some bearing on this!

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