Monday, 7 January 2013

SOTA - Titterstone Clee Hill - G/WB-004

Titterstone Clee Hill - 533m, 2 points

Association: England  Region: Welsh Borders  
Latitude: 52 23 51 N, Longitude: 2 36 3 W
Grid Reference: SO 591779, QTH Locator: IO82QJ

During the winter months (December to March), summits above 500 metres qualify for a winter bonus.
This means that a 2 point summit actually scores 5 points  making activation a much more lucrative business.
I'd realised that if I was ever to stand any chance of accumulating a decent activator score, I needed to set my aim a bit higher. So it was that on the morning of January 7th, I set off  to see if we could activate Both of the Shropshire Clee Hills.

First stop was Titterstone Clee.
 NATS building in the background
I ran into cloud long before we'd reached the big carpark at SO 594776.
Kitted up, it's only a short walk to the summit from the car park, but this was done in visibility of only a few yards. I eventually passed part of the NATS station on the summit and proceeded to the trig point.
The best operating position was found a short distance away where there was a convenient marker post to attach the antenna pole.
Contacts came easily and I was soon packing up to make my way for summit number 2, Brown Clee Hill.
Ready for action

Convenient marker post
 On the descent the clouds lifted for a couple of seconds to reveal the 2 "golf ball" radomes. Before I could get my camera out for a photo they were onc again swallowed up by the mist.

Somewhere there are 2 Golf Balls!

Path to summit


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