Monday, 2 January 2012

On the Air

Well my ATS4 has had it's first outing on the air.
With a 12V supply I seem to be getting around 3 watts output,but I need to measure that more accurately once I get a few moments and complete the alignment.

I hooked the rig up to a length of wire in my attic (I'll not call it an antenna) and firstly put out a CQ on 20 metres. This allowed me to check on the Reverse Beacon Network to ascertain whether I'm actually producing a readable signal. It was pleasing to note I'd been heard in European Russia, Finland, Slovenia and Italy. A repeat on 17 metres got me spotted in Iceland but not before I had my first QSO with EW8DJ in Belarus.

This afternoon I had a few more QSO's and am really loving the little rig. I'm looking forward to some /MM operations later in the year when I'm off sailing in my boat!

72 HNY.

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